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CLETS is an acronym that stands for California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. It is a law enforcement communications network containing a criminal history database available to all public agencies of law enforcement in California. It is used by law enforcement for accessing law enforcement information and sending law enforcement messages.

A CLETS order refers to a restraining order or protective order that is registered in the statewide and national criminal database system known as CLETS. The information contained in CLETS informs law enforcement personnel about restraining orders and protective orders that are registered in the database.

Restraining and protective orders registered with CLETS allow law enforcement to respond and enforce these orders in any part of the state. In California, all protective orders issued are CLETS orders. Restraining orders, for the most part, are issued as CLETS orders. If a restraining order was not issued as a CLETS order then law enforcement would be unable to enforce the restraining order and arrest the suspect violating the restraining order.

Consult an attorney with experience in restraining orders if you are seeking protection from a violent individual.