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Don't Plead Guilty

Don't Plead Guilty!

Do I Plead or Do I Fight? Get a Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

If you plead guilty and are sentenced, you are now convicted! If you plead guilty to the charges, you admit that you committed the crime in the criminal complaint. These admissions can be used against you in a subsequent criminal or civil matter. Pleading guilty might seem the fastest and easiest way out of a bad situation but a criminal conviction can hinder your future.

In fact, a conviction can become consequential when:

  • Applying for a job or a loan
  • Renting an apartment
  • Traveling to another country
  • Renewing a "green card"
  • Obtaining a professional license
  • Buying insurance

Don't plead guilty without evaluating all your legal options. Even if you are guilty, it is still acceptable to plead not guilty and make the prosecutor prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Discuss your right to fight your case with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. We can evaluate your case and your legal options and give you honest and practical answers to all your questions.

To discuss your case today, contact our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners for a free consultation.

Do Not Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges

At first glance, pleading guilty seems easy and convenient. You may even think it is the cheapest way out. Don't be fooled by a "no jail time" offer by the prosecutor early in the case. That may not be the best deal for you. The prosecutor or district attorney may want to close out the case quickly because the government's evidence is weak. However, the prosecutor may not have the evidence necessary for a conviction.

The prosecutor may be motivated to settle a case quickly to reduce his or her high caseload. There may be some legal technicalities or some rules not followed, procedural mistakes by law enforcement, or some other situation that a good defense lawyer could pick apart, and dismiss the charges. But if you agree to a quick "guilty" or "no contest" plea, you are stuck with that conviction for the rest of your life. Explore your defense options thoroughly.

The Right Criminal Defense Attorney Makes the Difference

Our team at Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners has a vast amount of experience defending people accused of committing crimes, from simple misdemeanors to violent felonies. Unlike some criminal defense attorneys who simply negotiate pleas, we stand ready to take your case to trial to obtain the best possible outcome.

When you choose to work with us, we will evaluate your entire case, including all the physical evidence the prosecutor would present, potential witness testimony against you, and any statements you or the witness have previously given to police. After a thorough review of all the potential evidence, we will let you know the likelihood of prevailing.

Speak to an experienced and skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorney you can trust and one who can evaluate your case and give you honest answer to your questions. Remember, the police and the prosecutors are not your friends. They are not looking to do you any favors. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal attorney from our firm, and don't plead guilty!

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