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Non CLETS Restraining Order

A non CLETS Restraining Order refers to a Restraining Order that is not contained in the data base used by law enforcement, commonly referred to as CLETS. CLETS stands for California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. CLETS contains information about restraining orders as well as details about the names of the protected person and the restrained person. When a Restraining Order is not contained in CLETS, it is not enforceable by law enforcement.

Example: Assume that Pam obtains a permanent Domestic Violence Restraining Order against her ex-boyfriend after a full court hearing. The judge issued a permanent CLETS Restraining Order – meaning it is entered into the state database. If Pam’s ex-boyfriend comes around the house after the permanent order is issued, she can call 911 and have the police come to her house. Since the order was a CLETS order, the police response to her house would be immediate. If her ex-boyfriend was seen at her home, the police could and would arrest him for violation of the CLETS Restraining Order. If the order was a non CLETS order, the ex-boyfriend would not likely be arrested for violating the Restraining order since a non CLETS restraining order is not enforceable.

If you are seeking to obtain a Restraining Order or defend against a Restraining Order, consult with an experienced attorney to learn about the Restraining Order process.