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Can You Be Charged & Prosecuted For Accidentally Shoplifting?
Can You Be Charged & Prosecuted For Accidentally Shoplifting?

What is Shoplifting? To begin, we must first understand what shoplifting is. According to California Penal Code sections 484 and 488, shoplifting , otherwise known as petty theft , is prosecuted as a misdemeanor and is defined as taking personal property of another valued at ...

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  • Police Knock at the Door and Ask to Come In - Can You Say No?

    You’re entertaining friends in your living room when you hear a knock at the door. You peek through the window: it’s the cops, and they’re asking you ...

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  • What Do I Say If Pulled Over By Police?

    Getting stopped by law enforcement can be a stressful experience, whether or not you have anything to hide. Most people will be pulled over several ...

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  • Can the Police Search My Car?

    Can the police search your car? The short answer is yes. The police do not need a valid search warrant to search your car during a traffic stop. ...

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  • Can I Get Arrested For Drugs That Weren't Mine?

    If you have been arrested or charged with possession of illegal drugs that weren’t yours, you may be in for the shock of your life. Many people ...

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  • Can I Be Extradited from Los Angeles for an Out-of-State Warrant?

    What is Extradition? Extradition is the legal process by which one state turns over a wanted criminal to another state. The reasons for which a person ...

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  • Can I Be Charged with Rape if the Minor Consented?

    A 19-year-old boy is dating a 17 year-old-girl from the local high school. No problem. There is only a two-year difference in age and nowadays that's ...

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  • What Does Soliciting a Prostitute Mean?

    What is Considered Soliciting a Prostitute? California prostitution law, Penal Code section 647(b), makes it illegal to engage in, agree to, offer, or ...

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  • California Peeping Tom Laws

    Peeping Tom Laws exist to safeguard peoples' privacy. These laws are intended to protect you from voyeurs, nosy neighbors, stalkers, strangers, ...

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  • Can Possession of a Fake ID Land You in Jail?

    While most people think of possession of a fake ID as a harmless crime, Los Angeles prosecutors view the possession of a fake ID as serious business. ...

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