Forensic Science (sometimes shortened to Forensics) in its broadest definition is the application of science to law. Forensic Science offers the knowledge and technology of science to answer questions pertaining to the law in criminal or civil cases. Forensic Science involves recognizing, identifying, individualizing and evaluating physical evidence. Forensic scientists apply physical and natural science principles and techniques to the analysis of the various kinds of evidence recovered during the investigation of a crime. Frequently used as expert witnesses in court, forensic scientists facilitate a finding of a defendant's guilt or innocence by presenting objective scientific findings based on their analysis of the evidence.

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  • God Bless you Stephen, wish you all the successes in life.

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    “I was referred to this group of Attorneys. I was started with a low cost made arrangements. My case had to do with assault allegations. The case was dismissed they helped me not to loose my daughter to the system.”

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