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Having your child arrested and charged with a crime can be a frightening experience. Whatever the specific facts of a case may be, criminal charges can expose a minor to serious penalties. Allegations can also threaten their futures at times when they should be preparing for new opportunities. With so much at stake, you need the best legal representation to guide you and your child through the Los Angeles juvenile justice system.

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Juvenile Cases We Handle

At Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners, our Los Angeles juvenile crime lawyers are experienced at defending the rights, freedoms, and futures of young people accused of crimes. With decades of combined defense experience, our legal team is prepared to handle the full range of juvenile cases, including even the most serious allegations involving sex crimes or violent offenses.

  • Sex Crimes – Sex crime charges are among the most serious allegations a person can face, and they have the potential to tarnish reputations and threaten futures. Examples of the types of sex crime juvenile cases our firm can handles include those involving child abuse, sexual assault, date rape, statutory rape, internet sex crimes, child pornography or sexting, and others.

  • Violent Crimes – Violent crimes are punishable by severe criminal penalties, including lengthy terms of confinement in the Division of Juvenile Justice (formerly known as CYA - a state prison for minors). In certain situations, minors facing violent crime allegations may also be charged as adults. Violent crimes include charges such as battery, assault, robbery, manslaughter / vehicular manslaughter, and murder, among others.

Aside from representing minors charged with sex crimes and violent crimes, our legal team also handles other common juvenile cases:

The Importance of Working with Experienced Lawyers

Minors who are charged with crimes have a great deal to lose. They also run the risk of being charged as adults. Whatever the case may be, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers understand that minors and their loved ones depend on our team to guide them through criminal proceedings and to fight aggressively for the best outcome possible – whether that means case dismissals or reduced charges and penalties.

By working with skilled and experienced lawyers, you gain the support of legal professionals who know not only the juvenile and adult court systems, but also how these cases affect individuals and families. Our Los Angeles criminal attorneys make it a point to always communicate with our clients, and to take the time to address concerns and answer questions. We also counsel clients and families about the importance of demonstrating a willingness to change behaviors – such as by attending counseling, going to school, or being employed. When it comes time to fight allegations, we're always prepared.

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Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners is passionate about defending youth facing criminal allegations as juveniles or adults. Our team of trial attorneys has decades of combined experience and has proven their formidable courtroom and negotiation skills.

We provide aggressive criminal defense representation in the following Los Angeles County Juvenile Courts:

  • Alfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center
  • Compton Juvenile Court
  • Eastlake Juvenile Court
  • Inglewood Juvenile Delinquency Court
  • Long Beach Juvenile Court
  • Los Padrinos Juvenile Court
  • Pasadena Juvenile Court
  • Pomona Juvenile Court
  • David J. Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center
  • Sylmar Juvenile Court

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