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A bond is an obligation or a promise to pay money to the court if the defendant does not appear in court when he or she is scheduled to do so. There are a variety of bonds:

  • Cash Bond: An individual “deposits” the entire bail amount in cash (or cashier's check) with the court and loses that cash if the defendant/accused fails to appear in court. Once the criminal case is completed then the entire amount is returned.
  • Bail Bond (Surety Bond): Bonds are purchased from a bonds company or bail bondsman. Typically a bail bondsman will require an 8% to 10% fee based on the bail amount. The person buying the bond must guarantee the amount personally and financially.
  • Property Bond: An individual guarantees the bail amount with property, such as real estate, and could lose that property through foreclosure if the defendant doesn't appear in court.

See also, Bail, Bail Bondsman.