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If you have been charged with a violent crime, whether you are guilty or not, you need to contact a Los Angeles violent violent crime lawyer immediately. Penalties for violent crimes are harsh because they usually result in an injured person and sometimes death. They include any crime in which the offender uses or threatens the use of violent force on the victim. Violent crimes can be committed with or without weapons.

The seriousness of these crimes will result in very serious penalties, if convicted. You could spend many years in prison and could even receive a life sentence. A conviction of this kind can destroy your future and create a significantly negative impact on your family.

One of the greatest dangers associated with violent crime charges relates to California's three strikes law. If a defendant is convicted of a violent felony offense, he or she may receive a permanent "strike" on his or her record. A second strike will result in double the normal penalties, and a third strike may result in 25 years to life in prison. Many violent crimes, including robbery, manslaughter, murder, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon, are "strikeable" offenses.

Types of Violent Crimes

Considering the harsh consequences of a violent crime conviction, our criminal defense firm places a strong focus on the defense of these offenses. You can learn more about some of our key practice areas in this arena by reviewing the specific offenses listed below, or by calling for a confidential review of a particular case.

This may be described as an attempt of violence or harm against another person. Separate from battery, which could include the act of harm itself, assault charges require only an attempt and actual or apparent ability to carry out such an attempt – even if the act is not carried out.

With battery, a defendant may face misdemeanor or felony charges for willfully and unlawfully using force or violence against another person. Unwanted or offensive physical contact may also be considered battery, and a defendant may face harsh penalties.

Attempted Murder
Attempting to commit a crime is unlawful, even if the attempt is unsuccessful. This applies to murder, as well as other crimes. With attempted murder, a defendant may face 15 years or more in prison, depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged attempt.

Taking and/or holding another person against his or her will is the general description of kidnapping, though there are different types of criminal charges associated with this offense. In most cases, a kidnapping conviction will count as a strike on a defendant's record, making it crucial to aggressively challenge such charges.

A lesser charge than murder, manslaughter is a crime that involves killing another person, without malice aforethought or in other circumstances not equivalent to murder. Causing another's death in an auto accident while DUI is an example of when manslaughter charges may apply.

The most serious violent crime a person may be accused of committing, murder is defined in California Penal Code §187(a) as "the unlawful killing of a human being or fetus with malice aforethought." Malice aforethought may include acts stemming from the specific intention to kill another person as well as a wanton disregard for human life.

Terrorist Threats
A terrorist threat may be defined as making a threat of violence or harm with the intent of causing public panic or of causing fear or intimidation in the minds of the victim/s. Verbal, written or physical threats may apply under this law, and a defendant may face misdemeanor or felony charges.

Free Evaluation with Our Los Angeles Violent Crime Attorney

If you have been accused of any violent crime, you need experienced and proven legal counsel – and you need it right away. The sooner we can get to work on your case, the better your chances are for a positive outcome. We can meet with you in a free initial consultation to discuss your exact situation and we can then advise you on your options and the best defense strategy for your case.

Choosing the right violent crime lawyer may mean the difference between freedom and spending a large portion of your future behind bars. A skilled attorney may be able to get far better results than you could have imagined possible.

At Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners, we have more than 70 years of combined experience to bring to your defense. We are excellent negotiators and are always prepared to go to trial when necessary to seek a not guilty verdict for our clients.

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