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Fugitive Warrant

A Fugitive Warrant, also referred to as a Fugitive From Justice Warrant, is a special type of arrest warrant issued in one jurisdiction that authorizes law enforcement to take into custody a person who has fled to another jurisdiction to avoid prosecution or punishment. The Fugitive Warrant is a legal mechanism used to detain a suspected fugitive until the other state picks him or her up. In California, Fugitive Warrants are issued by a California magistrate based on a verified (or unverified) complaint or an affidavit of a credible person from another state. (California Penal Code Section 1551). In an unverified complaint, the complaint must charge that the accused is a fugitive from justice because the person has been charged with or convicted of a crime in another state, has escaped from confinement or has violated the conditions of his or her bail, probation, or parole. A verified complaint need only charge that the person committed a crime in another state or was convicted. (California Penal Code Section 1551).

If you or someone you know has an outstanding Fugitive Warrant in Los Angeles and is facing Extradition to another state contact an experienced Extradition criminal defense attorney to resolve your warrant.

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