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Static 99

The STATIC-99 (Static 99) is a risk assessment tool designed to assist in the prediction of sexual and violent recidivism among adult male sex offenders. The STATIC-99 is used in most states and is the approved tool in California and is specifically required for registerable sex offenses pursuant to California Penal Code Section 290.03-08. In California, The STATIC-99 is a two page report prepared by the Probation Department prior to the sentencing of a defendant on a registerable sex crime. It is not necessary to interview the offender to score the STATIC-99 report.

The STATIC-99 was created by R. Karl Hanson and David Thornton in 1999 and is based on follow-up studies from Canada and the United Kingdom with a total sample size of 1,301 sexual offenders. The STATIC-99 contains 10 items and produces estimates of future risk based on the number of risk factors present in any one individual. These risk factors are:

  • Presence of prior sexual offenses
  • Having committed a current non-sexual violent crime
  • Having a history of non-contact sex offenses
  • History of non-sexual violence
  • The number of prior sentencing dates on the criminal record
  • The age of the victim is less than 18 years old
  • Having male victims
  • Having unrelated victims
  • Having victims who are strangers to the defendant
  • Having never lived with a lover for two continuous years.

The STATIC-99 report will contain a score that can range from 0 to 12. A score of 0 to 1 is considered Low Risk. A score of 2 and 3 is Moderate to Low Risk. A score of 4 and 5 is a Moderate-High Risk. A score of 6 or higher is considered High Risk. The STATIC-99 report is used by the judge in sentencing defendants for serious sex crimes. The judge will use the report as a reference point in sentencing the defendant. The lower the risk score the more likely the judge will impose a lighter or more lenient sentence.

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