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If you have been charged with a crime and need proven representation from a Los Angeles criminal lawyer, call Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners immediately. Your initial consultation is FREE. Our team is dedicated to creating a strategic defense for you, aimed at securing the best possible outcome for your case. And, we are prepared to go to trial when necessary in order to seek a not guilty verdict.


Every Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners focuses exclusively on criminal defense. With over 50 years of combined criminal law experience, we have earned a reputation for protecting the rights, freedoms, and futures of our clients. You can trust that we will do the same for you.​​​​

Ready to Take Control?

Our primary focus points is analyzing and evaluating cases, preparing strong defenses and obtaining favorable outcomes. Do not settle for a guilty plea without first consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney. Most criminal convictions come with jail or prison time and collateral consequences. Our attorneys have the skill and experience to help you fight your criminal charges and protect your future.

Fighting To Defend
Our Clients' Freedom

  • Dismissed Arrested for felony domestic violence
    RESULT We spoke to the detective handling the case and pushed for a misdemeanor charge and/or dismissal. Case filed as a misdemeanor and we fought for an informal hearing in the prosecutor's office. We got that & after the hearing, case was dismissed.
  • Charges Reduced Arrested for Felony rape of a minor

    RESULT: Defendant charged with felony rape of a minor & was facing state prison. Bail was $200,000. We successfully fought the case and reduced the felony to a lesser crime as a misdemeanor. No jail and no lifetime sex registration.

  • Dismissed Client (attorney) charged with misdemeanor Hit and Run while on probation for a DUI.

    RESULT: Civil Compromised the Hit & Run whereby the client paid for all traffic collision damages and the Hit & Run case was dismissed. We avoided a probation violation on the DUI and we terminated probation on that case. The client saved his career & license and avoided jail time.

  • Plea Client charged with causing a traffic accident resulting in the death of a man (felony Hit & Run) and was facing up to 4yrs.

    RESULT: The prosecution wanted 2 years state prison. Shortly before trial, we negotiated a plea with the judge wherein client was sentenced to only 120 days in county jail.

  • Probation Client charged with two felony counts of Insurance Fraud and was facing six years in state prison.

    At the preliminary hearing, a few weaknesses were exposed in the prosecution's case. As we prepared for trial, we were given additional police reports of ongoing criminal investigations for other insurance fraud schemes that our client was allegedly involved previously. Those reports contained interviews with other suspects that were pointing the finger at our client. The prosecution intended to go forward on that investigation whereby criminal charges would be filed in the immediate future and our client would have been exposed to additional state prison time.

    RESULT: Client pled no contest to the original charges and received less than a year in county jail and the prosecutor's office agreed to not file new insurance fraud charges on our client.

  • Dismissal Client crashed car, Police arrested and recovered $30,000. Client charged with drug paraphernalia.

    RESULT: Recovered funds for client, he completed community service & case was dismissed. No conviction & no probation.

  • Dismissed Client was charged with Annoying / Molestation of a Child, a charge that comes with lifetime sex registration.

    RESULT: We contacted the prosecutor's office and set up a hearing which resulted in a complete dismissal of the charges.

  • Dismissed Client was charged with misdemeanor Domestic Violence.

    RESULT: Because the case was over a year old, we filed a Serna Motion which was granted by the judge and the entire case was completely dismissed. We proved to the judge that our client was prejudiced by not pursuing criminal prosecution on a timely basis.

  • Dismissed Client was charged with misdemeanor DUI. Conducted DMV administrative hearing and got the license suspension set aside.

    Our defense was that our client never drove the car but rather was sleeping in the car. We prepared for trial.

    RESULT: Prior to the start of the trial, we presented our defense to the judge. He reviewed the entire case and noted our defense. The judge ordered the prosecutor to dismiss the case since there was no witnesses that observed our client driving while intoxicated. Case dismissed by the prosecution at the insistence of the judge.

  • Time Served Client was charged with three counts of child sexual abuse (three victims) and was facing life in prison.
    RESULT: We negotiated a plea wherein the client received time served (approx. 190 days in county jail) and no deportation.

Here's Why We're The Right Firm For You

Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners

    Our primary focus points are analyzing and evaluating cases, preparing strong defenses and obtaining favorable outcomes. Do not settle for a guilty plea without first consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney. Most criminal convictions come with jail or prison time and collateral consequences. Our attorneys have the skill and experience to help you fight your criminal charges and protect your future.

    • Communication and Personal Attention

      We make ourselves available at all times, responding promptly to our clients' calls. Initial in-office consultations are free and include an in-depth discussion of your situation. Throughout all points of your case, your lawyer will keep you informed.

    • 50+ Years of Combined Criminal Law Experience

      At Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners, our defense attorneys have the ability and experience to handle even the most complex criminal cases. From misdemeanors to serious felonies, no case is too small or large for us to handle.

    • Step-by-Step Guidance

      We provide step-by-step guidance throughout each phase of the process. The criminal justice system can be a confusing and frightening place, which is why we support our clients every step of the way. We provide the confidence you need to move forward.

    • Comprehensive Defense Strategies

      We focus on the facts of the case to create a strategic defense. We work tirelessly for our clients, prepare for trial, and work toward securing the best possible outcome – whether that be a dismissal, reduction in charges, or alternative sentencing.


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    • “Thanks to Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Kahn the charges were dismissed and I got my life back. I'm very grateful.”

      Chad P English, CA
    • “We hired them and they immediately went to visit our son, which meant a lot to us.”

      Roxanna A
    • “Thanks guys for having my back!”

    • “They went the extra mile to help me get thru with my case and thanks to them it was dismissed !”

      MJ English
    • “Stephen G. Rodriguez and partners did not disappoint.”

      M Francisco English
    • “Excellent Attorney!”

    • “I just received one of the best phone calls of my life.”

      A.I. English
    • “Stellar attorneys who go above and beyond to help.”

    • “Attorney Rodriguez helped me when I needed it the most.”

    • “Steve is heaven sent.”

    • “Great Job and Thumbs Up!”

    • “He was nice and kind.”

    • “Top notch attorney!”

    • “I hired Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Kahn and they immediately went to work on my case.”

    • “My daughter has a bright future without a tarnish to her name thanks to Kenneth and Stephen.”

      Waleska P.
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