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Pimping is the financial exploitation of a prostitute. Pimping is defined in California Penal Code 266(h) as any person who knowingly derives his or her support or maintenance in whole or in part from the earnings or proceeds of a person's prostitution, or who solicits or receives compensation for soliciting for the person. Prostitution includes sexual intercourse and any lewd act between persons for money or other compensation. A lewd act is touching the genitals, buttocks, or female breast of either the prostitute or customer with some part of the other person's body for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification of either person.

A pimp is like a talent agent for an actor. A pimp can promote and advertise for the prostitute and collect compensation. The pimp can operate from a street corner, advertise in a newspaper / magazine or even on the internet, in places like Backpage, CityVibe and myRedBook.

Pimping is prosecuted as a felony in California and is punishable in the state prison for three to six years if the prostitute was 16 years or older and three to eight years when the prostitute is under 16 years of age. A pimping conviction involving a minor under 16 years of age requires sex offense registration in California.

Prostitution, pimping and pandering are aggressively prosecuted in Los Angeles County. If you or some you know is being investigated for or charged with pimping, consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to learn about your legal options.