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If you have been charged or arrested with a criminal offense, it is important to choose a lawyer who has the credentials and ability to defend your case. The quality and experience of a criminal lawyer in California can either make or break your situation and can lead to a relinquishment of punishments or an increase in fines. It takes a lawyer with talent, skill, and experience to defend a complex criminal case.

With more than 70 years of combined experience, we have earned a reputation as a successful California criminal defense law firm. Our lawyers at Rodriguez Lewis & Kahn have what it takes to handle cases involving complex issues of murder or child abuse.

Our founding attorney, Stephen G. Rodriguez, has taught our California criminal law firm what it needs to know about successful criminal defense techniques. He has been featured on television shows seeking legal commentary, such as Anderson Cooper, Channel 7 ABC News, Telemundo, and UNIVISION. Many individuals seek out our firm's advice because of our understanding of the criminal justice system.

We are passionate about the situations we take on and have successfully handled an abundance of cases. No case is too large or too small. We know that even the smallest conviction can negatively impact a person for the remainder of his or her life. That is why our firm assists clients through the appeal process, because we can do whatever it takes to have charges reduced or eliminated.


When it comes to criminal defense, we understand the importance of standing by clients every step of the way. We do not give up on cases by entering a guilty or "no contest" plea. The entire time, we can be fighting for a not guilty verdict. We are prepared to face trial if necessary and will seek optimal results. If you are charged with a sex crime, whether it involves rape or sexual battery, we can fight your case all the way to the end. If your case goes to trial, we will seek a not guilty verdict as a result of our dedicated preparation for trial.

At Rodriguez Lewis & Kahn, we strive to walk our clients through every step of the process. Criminal charges, especially those that are related to drug crimes, are complex situations that warrant legal assistance. Our California criminal attorney can keep you informed of each development throughout the process from start to finish.

As part of our loyal dedication to clients, we are committed to returning phone calls as soon as possible. You can call us at any time of the day to discuss the option of expungement or any other issue, and we will do our best to assist you. Our criminal law firm provides a free initial consultation to those who are facing a criminal charge and need assistance.


Facing criminal charges can be very stressful and difficult. If your situation involves a white collar crime or is a federal case, you will require a law firm who dedicates their practice to criminal defense. We exclusively work with those charged with criminal offenses, which enables us to have stronger success with the cases that we take on and defend.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer who is not afraid to take your case to trial can significantly improve your chances of a favorable result. Law enforcement and prosecutors have extensive resources available to them, and our firm makes sure that we remain up to date on criminal defense laws to provide the optimal skill, knowledge, and experience that our clients deserve.

Let us put our experience to work so that we can aggressively defend the charges against you. Contact our California criminal defense lawyers today.

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