Security and privacy is a major issue these days, especially among celebrities who face constant harassment by paparazzi. That is why a number of celebrities, empowered by social media, are fighting back in an effort to protect not only their personal privacy, but also the privacy of their children. Many have taken to using the term “stalkerazzi” to describe aggressive photographers who overstep their boundaries.

Actresses Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, and Kristen Bell are among those at the forefront of the celebrity backlash, describing their experiences with photographers that provoked, shouted at, stalked, and chased their children to get photos. Bell and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, recently started a Twitter campaign called the #NoKidsPolicy, encouraging media outlets to agree not to publish photos of a celebrity’s children without the consent of their parents. So far, a number of prominent television shows and publications have showed their support, including People magazine, E! Entertainment, US Weekly, Access Hollywood, and more.

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What Exactly are a Photographer’s Rights?

The Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees the right of freedom of the press, but many irresponsible journalists are being accused of misusing this freedom at the expense of the security and privacy of others. While photographers are allowed to photograph people in public places in the state of California, they can face civil or criminal charges if their attempts to take photos demonstrate a gross disregard for a person’s privacy or safety. If a paparazzi photographer uses aggressive tactics to get a photo, they could face criminal charges for any of the following crimes:

This past January, celebrity backlash against paparazzi has led to the passage of a new anti-paparazzi law, which makes it a crime, punishable by a $10,000 fine and a year in jail, for anyone to harass a celebrity’s child in an attempt to get a photo. This law applies even if the act occurs in a public place. Two other similar laws are also on the books.

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