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270 S. Walnut Avenue, San Dimas, California 91773-2646. Limited free parking is available at the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail.


Centrally located in the San Gabriel Valley, the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail ("Jail") temporarily houses male and female arrestees for the City of San Dimas and the following unincorporated communities: Covina, Azusa, Glendora, La Verne, Claremont, Azusa Canyon, Mount Baldy and Angeles National Forest (State Route 39). The San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail is operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Visiting Hours

You may visit an arrestee/inmate at the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail who has not been sentenced between Monday through Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Visiting Procedures

Arrestees at the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail are allowed one 30-minute visit per day. A child who visits an inmate at the Jail must be the child of the arrestee/inmate being visited. Unless they are small enough to sit on a lap, children are counted as visitors.

The San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail's visiting hours and roster of inmates who are eligible for visits vary and are subject to change without notice. Thus, you should always call the Jail before visiting. You can reach an officer at the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail at any time by calling 909-450-2700.

Attorneys, bail bondsmen and members of the clergy may visit at any time for as long as they like. However, attorneys, bail bondsmen and members of the clergy should call before visiting to ascertain the availability of the arrestee/inmate they wish to visit.

Visitor Restrictions

Only visitors with a valid ID will be allowed to visit inmates at the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail. Officers at the Jail may deny visitation rights to anyone for any number of reasons. Persons on probation and/or parole may not be allowed to visit. For more information regarding this matter, would be visitors on probation or parole should contact the Watch Commander at 909-450-2700.

Telephone Access & Mail

During booking, the person being held in the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail, ("the arrestee"), may make three free telephone calls. Arrestees/Inmates may not receive calls or phoned-in messages. Upon request, inmates are allowed to make collect calls.

Arrestees/inmates will be housed at the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail for no more than 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. Thus, you should avoid sending mail to an arrestee/inmate at San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail.

Personal Property

Any time after arrest, an arrestee/inmate may authorize the release of his personal property to anyone unless that property has been entered into evidence. If the property has been entered into evidence, it will not be available until the criminal case is completed. The person picking up the inmate's personal property must present a valid California ID or an ID from an acceptable source. The arrestee/inmate may not authorize the release of some items while keeping the remainder of his or her personal property in custody.

The arrestee/inmate must release all personal property or none at all. To obtain the release of an arrestee's vehicle, contact the San Dimas Sheriff Station Jail at 909-450-2700. Someone at the Jail will provide you with the name of the detective handling the case so that you can obtain the name of the towing company who may have impounded the arrestee's vehicle. If you need to obtain a car key that was in an inmate's possession at the time of arrest, contact the Jail to obtain a property release form signed by the inmate releasing the key to you.

How to Bail an Inmate Out of Jail

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