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    Thank you again for everything. You truly saved my life.

    Steven is not only an amazing lawyer he is also a very caring person. As I was going through my legal issue he reassured me numerous times that as long as I followed his advice I would be fine. He took the time to get to know me as a person and not as a "client". I would recommend him to anyone who needs more than just a lawyer. Steven has an outstanding knowledge of the law and is very direct and to the point, which I appreciate. His ability to convey the law in a way which makes sense to me is perfect. My case was very stressful and he was able to relieve a lot of it by not treating me as a "client" but as a person. He has my upmost respect and recommendation. Thank you again for everything. You truly saved my life.


    He's at the top of his law game.

    Stephen knows the law. He knows what solutions can help and he's fearless in the courtroom. He's at the top of his law game. A true gorilla for freedom. Don't question your rights any longer. Stephen will take you where you should be: Living your life!


    I feel sure you have impacted more lives for the better than you will ever know.

    Just wanted to thank you so much for helping Hector & me with our problem. It was such a comfort to know that you were working on our behalf! And you know, I was thinking just because people don't have the sense to say “thank you” doesn't mean they aren't grateful. I feel sure you have impacted more lives for the better than you will ever know. For sure, you can count Hector and I among them.

    D.D. & H.S.

    I would recommend Mr. Rodriguez to anyone facing criminal charges.

    While in college and on an academic scholarship, I was arrested and charged with shoplifting. I knew then that a criminal conviction could jeopardize my college scholarship, follow me for the rest of my life, and disqualify me from becoming an attorney. I was terrified and didn't know where to turn. I interviewed several attorneys and hired Mr. Rodriguez. He walked me through every step, answered all my questions and assured me he would do his best. He worked hard on this case and after several months his hard work paid off. He managed to have the misdemeanor charge reduced to an infraction. He explained that an infraction is not a crime and does not go on my criminal record. I saved my scholarship and after graduating college I went on to law school. After graduating law school and passing the State Bar exam I submitted my application to the California State Bar where my background (criminal record) became an issue – specifically the original shoplifting charge. I contacted Mr. Rodriguez again and he assisted me with the application process and it was smooth sailing after that. Needless to say, I passed the background check and I am in the process of being admitted and licensed to practice law in California. Hiring Mr. Rodriguez was a life-changer for me. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez to anyone facing criminal charges.


    I am eternally grateful. He truly saved my life.

    Steven has an outstanding knowledge of the law and is very direct and to the point, which I appreciate. His ability to convey the law in a way which makes sense to me is perfect. My case was very stressful and he was able to relieve a lot of it by not treating me as a "client" but as a person. He has my utmost respect and recommendation. I am eternally grateful. He truly saved my life.


    Top notch attorney!

    I went to Stephen 6 years ago after getting into some trouble. He explained and outlined my options very well and I hired him on the spot. I was charged with a misdemeanor but he got it reduced to an infraction. In other words, I don't have a criminal record which is HUGE when it comes to employment and professional associations. I wasn't an easy client to deal with considering I was panicking and very scared. He kept me updated and was very patient with all of my questions and requests for more information. I highly recommend that you hire him if you find yourself in trouble.


    Great Job and Thumbs Up!

    We were blessed to have Steve and Ken represent my brother on a very serious case. It was a difficult case and my brother was facing life in prison. Steve and Ken negotiated a plea settlement which included time served (nine months) and no state prison time. It was obvious to me and my family that that both attorneys gave 100% on this case. Great job and Thumbs Up!


    Amazing! I am eternally grateful!

    I hired attorneys Stephen Rodriguez and Ken Kahn to represent me in a case that I knew was very difficult from the start. I was caught red-handed committing the crime and I had no real defense. I knew the prosecutor was gunning for me as I overheard her say in court that she wanted a lot of jail time on this case as well as lifetime sexual registration. Both attorneys worked very hard on my case for several months. I was blown away with the result that my attorneys secured for me in this case. I received three days of jail, informal probation, community service and best of all no lifetime sex registration. Amazing! I am eternally grateful!


    Ideal attorney! He reduced misdemeanor to an infraction.

    Stephen was the ideal attorney for my case. I was about to graduate from college and I knew that a misdemeanor conviction on my record could ruin my chances for getting a good job after graduation. Stephen confidently walked me through the legal process. He told me to be patient and I was. He was diligent and persistent and after several months he successfully negotiated a settlement that reduced my misdemeanor charge to an infraction. I was very happy and grateful.


    Amazing attorney with what counts: RESULTS!

    I received a call from a detective who was conducting a criminal investigation. The detective wanted to meet with me in his office. I was given little information except to say that I was a suspect in some type of criminal activity. I became very nervous and was aware that being interviewed by a detective was an intimidating experience to say the least. I also knew from talking to friends that the interview process can go south and that the tables can be turned against you. I contacted several criminal defense attorneys. Two of the attorneys frightened me and wanted a lot of money for their assistance. I then met with Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Kahn. They explained how the criminal justice works and gave me some possible scenarios and options in this matter. They spoke to the detective on several occasions and did some investigation on my behalf. I never interviewed with the detective. Five months later the criminal investigation was dropped and no criminal charges were filed against me. Thank you for the peace of mind and for the good work.


    Good work & an excellent result!

    Mr. Rodriguez helped me with two bench warrants for two misdemeanors that were over 12 years old. We went to court and he recalled the warrants and terminated probation on both cases. There was no jail time. And all I had to do was pay a small fine. Good work & an excellent result!


    He was professional and responsive to my questions.

    On June 1st I found myself in need of a criminal defense lawyer. After calling several attorneys I found Stephen G. Rodriguez , I met with him and felt very comfortable. He was professional and responsive to my questions. He explained my options and told me what he proposed to do to resolve my situation. My case went as he said it would and saved me from a ton of mental grief. Thanks!


    Excellent Attorney!

    I hired Steve Rodriguez to represent me in a serious legal matter. He was professional, honest and direct. I really appreciated how he took the time to explain my situation and the different possible outcomes. He was able to get me exactly what he said he would do for me. He helped me get my life back and saved my career. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez for anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer.


    I truly appreciate everything that was done.

    Mr. Rodriguez & Mr. Kahn: I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for your professionalism, courtesy, assistance, etc. pertaining to the recent situation with my son. I truly appreciate everything that was done. May God bless each of you in your professions and other areas of lives.


    They clearly have CONCRETE knowledge of the legal system.

    I wanted to give a heartfelt testimonial about the services provided to me by Attorney's Stephen G Rodriguez & one of His Partners Attorney Kenneth J. Kahn. From the first moment I spoke with Kenneth (Ken), I was asked "HOW ARE YOU". I was already feeling better in-fact by his demeanor. I had found myself in a spot where I needed professional guidance and fortunately I ended up being represented by both Ken & Steve. They clearly have CONCRETE knowledge of the legal system, Politics of courts & Police, and how to give their Clients the best shot at a positive outcome. In-fact I'm sure that without them I would have had less stellar results. They are very reasonably priced, easy to reach, reliable, and all around superior Attorneys. It's also nice to have the whole team on your side and not just one Lawyer. I will continue to call on them whenever I feel it prudent. Even their Assistant Gabby is awesome!!!! I sincerely thank the whole team.


    Very professional legal service.

    Very professional legal service. Steve & Ken went above and beyond to help and were great advocates. They are a quality criminal defense team who will support you each step of the way. Call the firm, you will have a passionate team fighting for your rights. I was fortunate enough to have both of them work on my case together, and I truly believe that they got me a better result than I could have gotten elsewhere.


    Thank You For Believing In Me

    Thank you for believing in me and getting me a second chance. I won't let you down. Steven and staff - Everything worked out well with this case. Many thanks for your hard work- you're all the greatest.

    J. T

    Excellent experience!

    Mr. Rodriguez is the best lawyer for a hit and run! Since the beginning, Mr. Rodriguez was very helpful and responded to our calls/texts right away. There were times we were very worried due to other letters from the police, other party's attorney and the DMV, but Mr. Rodriguez made us feel at ease. He dealt with the other party and convinced them to do a civil compromise. This helped tremendously in the criminal side of it because our case was at the court level too. But, he practically had our case dismissed!! We only had to pay a fine. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez :)

    J. & A.

    Knowledgable and Confident Attorneys

    Rodriguez and Kahn are knowledgable and confident attorneys. They reduced my charges and avoided jail time completely. They took care of all my court appearances and I never had to appear in court. Thank you for your hard work and great results.

    J. H.

    Aggressive, knowledgeable, and fearless criminal defense

    I've consulted and referred criminal cases to Stephen and he is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He vigorously fights for his clients and also fully explains and counsels his clients to put them at ease throughout the process. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez to work hard and handle any criminal defense matter with extreme knowledge, creativity, and skill.

    J. R.

    Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners Law Firm

    You need a criminal defense attorney and you hope if you read enough reviews you'll find one that will be suitable. You need look no further. Call the toll-free number and schedule a free consultation with Stephen and find out for yourself. My experience with Stephen and Ken was exemplary. You are being charged with a crime and you need the best representation you can find and afford. This Law Firm will provide that for you resulting in the best judgement the court can offer. Stephen and Ken use their network of legal professionals and contacts on both sides of the bench to work out an amicable deal for both sides. Experience is everything and their knowledge of the law and how to work within the system will get the results that you want. I found them to be honest, concerned for best outcome of my case and very easy to work with in all aspects. They are professionals and have integrity. You can trust that what they say is what they mean giving you the peace of mind to make it through this ordeal with your sanity intact. Give them a call you will be glad that you did. I am as the outcome of my case far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for reading my review I hope that it helps.

    J. H.

    I would personally recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal counsel.

    Attorneys Stephen Rodriguez and Kenneth J. Kahn offered an excellent service. My case was a difficult one to resolve but with the experience between both of these gentlemen, my case was resolved favorably. I would personally recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal counsel.

    Jesus C.