Case Results


    A medical student doing his Residency at the USC Medical school was arrested & charged with domestic violence.

    A conviction for this charged would have derailed his medical career.

    Result: After long & intense negotiations and completion of a series of anger management classes by the student, we were able to have the entire case dismissed. No conviction!

    No Jail

    Defendant charged with 3rd DUI w/accident punishable by 120 days to 1 year in county jail. Prosecution wanted 180 days jail.

    RESULT: After extensive negotiations we obtained a very fair settlement: the defendant enlisted in the Army and was immediately deployed as an alternative to the 120 days county jail sentence.

    Charges Reduced

    College student charged with two counts of felony Insurance Fraud punishable by state prison.

    RESULT: After a lengthy negotiation process, we reduced the charges to one misdemeanor count of Insurance Fraud with community service and no county jail.

    No Deportation

    Defendant charged with domestic violence, a charge that comes with automatic deportation.

    RESULT: We negotiated a plea to a less serious charge which helped the defendant avoid deportation. We also avoided jail time.


    Client crashed car, Police arrested and recovered $30,000. Client charged with drug paraphernalia.

    RESULT: Recovered funds for client, he completed community service & case was dismissed. No conviction & no probation.


    Client charged with two felony counts of Insurance Fraud and was facing six years in state prison.

    At the preliminary hearing, a few weaknesses were exposed in the prosecution's case. As we prepared for trial, we were given additional police reports of ongoing criminal investigations for other insurance fraud schemes that our client was allegedly involved previously. Those reports contained interviews with other suspects that were pointing the finger at our client. The prosecution intended to go forward on that investigation whereby criminal charges would be filed in the immediate future and our client would have been exposed to additional state prison time.

    RESULT: Client pled no contest to the original charges and received less than a year in county jail and the prosecutor's office agreed to not file new insurance fraud charges on our client.


    Client (attorney) charged with misdemeanor Hit and Run while on probation for a DUI.

    RESULT: Civil Compromised the Hit & Run whereby the client paid for all traffic collision damages and the Hit & Run case was dismissed. We avoided a probation violation on the DUI and we terminated probation on that case. The client saved his career & license and avoided jail time.


    Client was charged with misdemeanor DUI. Conducted DMV administrative hearing and got the license suspension set aside.

    Our defense was that our client never drove the car but rather was sleeping in the car. We prepared for trial.

    RESULT: Prior to the start of the trial, we presented our defense to the judge. He reviewed the entire case and noted our defense. The judge ordered the prosecutor to dismiss the case since there was no witnesses that observed our client driving while intoxicated. Case dismissed by the prosecution at the insistence of the judge.

    Charges Reduced

    Client was facing multiple counts of Peeping Tom charges that come with lifetime sex registration.

    RESULT: Dismissed all the Peeping Tom charges and the case was settled when the client admitted a lesser offense (Disturbing the Peace) with one year of informal probation.

    Time Served

    Client was charged with three counts of child sexual abuse (three victims) and was facing life in prison.

    RESULT: We negotiated a plea wherein the client received time served (approx. 190 days in county jail) and no deportation.


    Client charged with causing a traffic accident resulting in the death of a man (felony Hit & Run) and was facing up to 4yrs.

    RESULT: The prosecution wanted 2 years state prison. Shortly before trial, we negotiated a plea with the judge wherein client was sentenced to only 120 days in county jail.


    Client was charged with Annoying / Molestation of a Child, a charge that comes with lifetime sex registration.

    RESULT: We contacted the prosecutor's office and set up a hearing which resulted in a complete dismissal of the charges.


    Client was charged with misdemeanor Domestic Violence.

    RESULT: Because the case was over a year old, we filed a Serna Motion which was granted by the judge and the entire case was completely dismissed. We proved to the judge that our client was prejudiced by not pursuing criminal prosecution on a timely basis.


    Defendant Charged with Felony Battery.

    RESULT: Defendant charged with Felony Battery with serious bodily injury (with prior "strike" conviction). We succesfully obtained a lesser charge (misdemeanor) with no jail and only 1 year informal probation.

    No Conviction

    Defendant had two seven year-old bench warrants – one felony vandalism and one misdemeanor battery.

    RESULT: Recalled both warrants, terminated probation on the felony warrant with a court fine; anger management classes for the misdemeanor case with a dismissal of the case upon completion of the classes; no conviction, and no jail time.


    Defendant had 15 year-old felony bench warrant.

    RESULT: Recalled the felony warrant and convinced the prosecutor not to prosecute the case based on the age of the evidence and witnesses in the case. The prosecutor agreed and case was dismissed.


    Defendant arrested for felony Criminal Threats.

    RESULT: Case dismissed.


    Defendant charged with two counts of child abuse with 2 victims.

    RESULT: Dismissed at the preliminary hearing due to non-credible witnesses, aggressive defense investigation, and insufficient evidence.


    Defendant arrested for Spousal Battery.

    RESULT: Case was dismissed before the arraignment.


    Arrested for felony domestic violence

    RESULT We spoke to the detective handling the case and pushed for a misdemeanor charge and/or dismissal. Case filed as a misdemeanor and we fought for an informal hearing in the prosecutor's office. We got that & after the hearing, case was dismissed.

    Charges Reduced

    Arrested for Felony rape of a minor

    RESULT: Defendant charged with felony rape of a minor & was facing state prison. Bail was $200,000. We successfully fought the case and reduced the felony to a lesser crime as a misdemeanor. No jail and no lifetime sex registration.


    Defendant charged with two violent & serious felonies and faced a maximum of 16 years state prison.

    RESULT: We thoroughly investigated this case and strongly prepared for trial. Twenty minutes before selecting a jury, we negotiated a very fair settlement, where the client pled to one felony, avoided county jail & state prison, and instead received 30 days of physical labor (CalTrans).

    Charges Reduced

    Defendant (nurse) charged with felony drug possession and theft.

    RESULT: Case was reduced to a misdemeanor. No jail time and defendant did not lose nursing license.

    Informal Diversion

    Defendant charged with possession of a loaded firearm at the airport.

    RESULT: Reduced to an infraction. Given informal Diversion and a court fine.

    No Jail

    Defendant had two bench warrants for ten year-old misdemeanor cases.

    RESULT: We recalled both warrants. Probation was terminated and no jail time. Defendant only had to pay a small court fine.


    Defendant charged with Prostitution (with prior prostitution convictions).

    RESULT: Informal probation and no jail time.

    Charges Reduced

    Defendant charged with felony theft charges (with prior theft conviction).

    RESULT: Case reduced to a misdemeanor with no county jail time.

    Charges Reduced

    Defendant (out of state resident with no prior record) charged with felony Forgery.

    RESULT: Reduced to a lesser misdemeanor charge with no jail; community serivce and a fine.


    Defendant (Businessman) charged with solicitation for prostitution.

    RESULT: Case dismissed.


    Defendant (doctor) charged with domestic violence against his wife.

    RESULT: After aggressive investigation and successful negotiations the case was dismissed.

    Charges Reduced

    Defendant charged with sex charge that carries lifetime sex registration.

    RESULT: Reduced to a lesser misdemeanor charge, no jail, and no lifetime sex registration.


    Defendant charged in Federal case with felony Fraud involving several million dollars with a 40 years prison exposure.

    RESULT: Two years in custody and partial restitution.


    Defendant arrested for felony Vandalism.

    RESULT: We obtained Diversion for the defendant. The . charges were dismised. No probation and no conviction.

    Probation & Jail

    Defendant (military veteran) charged with felony child abuse.

    RESULT: Probation and only minimal county jail time.


    Defendant was charged with several felony counts of Grand Theft.

    RESULT: We worked out a deal where the Defendant served no time in jail.


    Defendant charged with two felony counts of Insurance Fraud

    RESULT: We negotiated a plea where the client did NO jail time.


    Defendant arrested for felony Rape.

    RESULT: Dismissed before filing due to vigorous in-house investigation.


    Defendant was investigated for stealing $28,000 from her employer.

    RESULT: We were able to work out a civil agreement where the money was repaid over 12 months. The Defendant was never charged with felony embezzlement.

    No Case

    Defendant investigated for Sex Charges.

    RESULT: After our private investigator interviewed the alleged victim and other witnesses, we were able to show the victim lacked credibility. As a result, no criminal case was filed.


    Defendant charged with felony Battery.

    RESULT: Defendant arrested for felony Battery with serious bodily injury and had a prior "Strike" conviction. We negotiated a plea bargain where the defendant pled to misdemeanor battery and received informal probation with no jail time.

    Charges Dropped

    Defendant investigated for rape of a girlfriend.

    RESULT: After immediate intervention by our office and gathering informaion about the victim, the District Attorney rejected case for prosecution.

    Time Served

    Defendant charged with third probation violation.

    Judge offered 16 months in state prison prior to the hearing.

    RESULT: After a successful probation violation hearing defendant was given no jail time and probation was reinstated.

    Not Guilty

    Defendant (Homeland security officer) charged with domestic violence.

    RESULT: "Not Guilty" after trial.


    Defendant (Los Angeles photographer) charged with assault and battery.

    RESULT: Hung jury/mistrial. No further prosecution.