Sealing Criminal Records

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Expunging a criminal conviction and sealing a criminal record do not involve the same procedures and do not result in the same outcomes. Sealing is the process of permanently erasing and destroying arrests and convictions from your record while expungement removes convictions from the public record, and law enforcement agencies still have access to view all arrests and convictions. If you have a criminal record and would like to know more about sealing or expunging your record, we encourage you to get in contact with criminal defense lawyers at Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners. An experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at our firm is eager to meet with you, answer your questions and get started on helping you clear your record. With seven decades of combined legal experience and a proven record of success, we are the law firm you need to give you the best chance of accomplishing your goal.

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Many adults are surprised to learn that an arrest for which they were never formally charged is on their permanent record and available to see in a background check. This fact can become embarrassingly clear when a potential employer or an apartment rental agent asks about the incident. Unfortunately, not only is the arrest noted, but finger prints, booking photo and the arrest report are all public record and do not disappear just because the charges don't go through. Sealing an adult criminal record is an excellent option for someone who has been arrested but not convicted, unlike an expungement in which a conviction is required to proceed. If you can prove that you are factually innocent of the charges against you and that they were dismissed, rejected or never filed by the District Attorney or City Attorney's office, it may be possible to have your record sealed.

By sealing your record, you can avoid the embarrassment of probing questions about your past. With the help of an attorney, the process is simple: file a Petition to Seal and Destroy Arrest Records through California Penal Code section 851.8. Learn more about your options by contacting our firm today.

We are a dynamic and aggressive law firm with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system, and a strong belief in helping people clear their record and move forward with new opportunities for success. Not only do we assist adults with sealing their records, we also help juveniles who were arrested, detained, prosecuted and convicted of a juvenile crime (under age 18) and want to clear their records. Unlike adult proceedings to seal records, in juvenile cases both arrests and convictions are physically sealed and/or destroyed, allowing our youth to move into adulthood with a "clean slate."

Some of the advantages to sealing a juvenile record include:

  • Job opportunities
  • College admissions
  • Credit approvals
  • Rental allowances
  • Green card considerations
  • Enjoying equal benefits afforded to other upstanding members of society.

For qualified assistance in sealing your criminal record, whether you are an adult or a juvenile, or to help with expungement, please contact a Los Angeles expungement lawyer without delay.