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  • What Do I Say If Pulled Over By Police?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 18-Oct-2016

    Getting stopped by law enforcement can be a stressful experience, whether or not you have anything to hide. Most people will be pulled over several times during their driving career, usually for minor traffic violations. However, a routine stop can quickly become a serious situation if the officer suspects the driver or passenger(s) of committing a crime. You should be aware of your rights if you ...
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  • Can the Police Search My Car?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 6-Oct-2016

    Can the police search your car? The short answer is yes. The police do not need a valid search warrant to search your car during a traffic stop. People in cars have a lower expectation of privacy than in their homes. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that because cars are mobile, there is an opportunity to transport contraband and weapons or use it to commit crimes. A car search must be ...
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  • Can I Get Arrested For Drugs That Weren't Mine?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 29-Sep-2016

    If you have been arrested or charged with possession of illegal drugs that weren’t yours, you may in for the shock of your life. Many people attempt to assert their innocence to law enforcement, though that may backfire. “ They aren't mine ” or “ I don't know how they got there ” are excuses that officers hear all the time and are often dismissed as untrue. If ...
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  • Can I Be Extradited from Los Angeles for an Out-of-State Warrant?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 26-Sep-2016

    What is Extradition? Extradition is the legal process by which one state turns over a wanted criminal to another state. The reasons for which a person may be extradited include: commission of a crime, escape from imprisonment, or probation, parole, or bail violation. There are two types of California extradition cases: extradition into California and extradition out of California. If you have been ...
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  • Can I Be Charged with Rape if the Minor Consented?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 22-Sep-2016

    A 19-year-old boy is dating a 17 year-old-girl from the local high school. No problem. There is only a two-year difference in age and nowadays that's common behavior amongst teenagers. However, if he is having sex with the minor and lives in California, he can be prosecuted for Statutory Rape even if the sex was willing and consensual. That's because in the eyes of the law, a minor is ...
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