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  • How Can Requesting a DMV Hearing Help Me Save My License?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 23-Oct-2015

    If you have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are probably concerned that your driving privileges may be suspended. A number of questions come to mind when faced with this scenario. Will my license be taken away? How will I get to work or school? How soon can I get my license back? Is there anything I can do to possibly keep my license? Fortunately, ...
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  • What are the Penalties for Attempted Crimes?

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 16-Oct-2015

    Many people are surprised to learn that even if a crime has not been completed, the very act of attempting to commit a crime is, in itself, a crime according to state and federal law. What does it mean to attempt a crime? An attempt is defined not only as intending to commit a crime, but also taking steps toward completing it, even if those steps proved ineffective. Because the potential to cause ...
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  • Celebrities Push Back Against "Stalkerazzi"

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 9-Oct-2015

    Security and privacy is a major issue these days, especially among celebrities who face constant harassment by paparazzi. That is why a number of celebrities, empowered by social media, are fighting back in an effort to protect not only their personal privacy, but also the privacy of their children. Many have taken to using the term “stalkerazzi” to describe aggressive photographers ...
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  • Over 6,000 U.S. Inmates to Be Released from Federal Prisons This Month

    Posted By Stephen G. Rodriguez & Partners || 1-Oct-2015

    In what will be one of the largest discharges of prisoners U.S. history, approximately 6,000 inmates are set to be released from federal prisons starting at the end of this month. This effort is part of a plan to ease massive prison overcrowding (the U.S. has one-quarter of the world’s prison population) and revoke some of the harsh penalties imposed upon non-violent drug offenses stemming ...
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